WOOD Real Estate | Part of the Bratislava office portfolio of WOOD Real Estate is now managed by Martin Rozhoň, as Senior Asset Manager

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Part of the Bratislava office portfolio of WOOD Real Estate is now managed by Martin Rozhoň, as Senior Asset Manager

Part of the Bratislava office portfolio of WOOD Real Estate is now managed by Martin Rozhoň, as Senior Asset Manager

PRAGUE, 20 September 2023 – Martin Rozhoň joined the management team of WOOD Real Estate in August as Senior Asset Manager, and will take care of part of the Slovak portfolio of office buildings belonging to the WOOD & Company Office sub-fund.

Martin Rozhoň has been active in the real estate segment for over 15 years. He gained experience at ORCO Property Group, first as Head of Property Manager and then as Asset Manager, being responsible for the reorganisation of the Property Management division, setting new standards and reporting. He has also been involved in asset management in other positions at CBRE Global Investors, CPI Services and Cimex Invest. In the last decade, he specialised in the shopping centre segment in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria. At CPI, as Head of Shopping Centre Asset Management, he was involved, among others, in the expansion of the regional shopping centre, IGY, in České Budějovice. He also has experience in the management of office and industrial properties and mixed-use buildings in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. Martin Rozhoň was also responsible for negotiating individual lease agreements with major companies, such as Interspar, ING, Decathlon, and others.

“What I enjoy about Asset Management is the complexity and diversity of activities, from dealing with tenants, to creating strategies, and development, to dealing with investments and overseeing cash flows, or day-to-day management and people management. I am a big believer in leadership and teamwork. There is an experienced senior team at WOOD Real Estate that has a track record of interesting and challenging ventures. I am therefore looking forward to the challenges alongside my new colleagues and believe that I will be able to contribute to the growth of the value of our office sub-fund,” says Martin Rozhoň.

At WOOD Real Estate, Martin will be responsible for the management of some of the Bratislava office buildings, which are among the assets of the WOOD & Company Real Estate Fund. “In the last few years, several significant factors have influenced the office real estate market, which have affected the view of building owners and tenants on the future of offices. Therefore, I am glad that, at a time when quality Asset Management is more important than ever, Martin Rozhoň has strengthened our team, and his long experience guarantees the quality management of our Bratislava office buildings,” says Martin Šmigura, Investment Director, WOOD & Company.

Martin Rozhoň likes to spend his free time in nature, in the mountains, ideally cross-country skiing or cycling. His hobbies include architecture and design, travel and investing.



WOOD Real Estate represents the real estate activities of WOOD & Company, a major Central European financial and investment group founded in 1991.

WOOD & Company manages investment assets worth EUR 4.5 billion, trades on stock exchanges with a turnover of approximately EUR 30 billion and provides advisory services for the most important M&A transactions in the region. WOOD & Company entered the real estate market in 2016. Its real estate funds focus on the acquisition and management of high-quality office and retail properties with good investment potential in the CEE region.

WOOD Real Estate is focused on building a quality real estate portfolio and active management of commercial properties. The portfolio currently includes more than 355,000 sqm of lettable space.

In addition to its activities in the Czech Republic, where it manages office buildings Hadovka Office Park, Green Point, and The Greenline, and shopping centres Galerie Harfa and Centrum Krakov, WOOD Real Estate is also successfully building its portfolio in Slovakia and Poland. Slovak properties include the Aupark Tower, Lakeside Park, BBC5, Westend Tower, BBC1, BBC1 Plus, and the Aupark shopping centre in Bratislava; while, in Poland, it manages the Astrum Business Park office building.

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