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Nová Merina

Project in the wider city center, close to major transport hubs
and the city park has been purchased by WOOD & Company group, while the existing co-investor Occam Real Estate remains
in the project as a minority partner and manager.

More than 600 modern apartments will be built on the site
of the former factory and additional space for retail and sports
and cultural activities. In 2022, Occam Real Estate announced
an architectural competition in cooperation with the city
of Trenčín. The project by top architects - Sadovsky & Architects
in cooperation with Marko & Placemakers and Studio CHYBIK + KRISTOF - won the competition. Subsequently, the investor proceeded to elaborate an architectural-urban study of the entire zone. The architectural design is in accordance
with the zoning plan, which was amended by the city of Trenčín last year in a record time of ten months. The transformation
of the neglected area can thus proceed with the permitting process of the project under consideration. Start
of construction of the first phase of apartments
The next phases will continue according to the current real estate market conditions.


Trencin, Slovakia
Type of real estate
Residential projects
Date of acquisition
Q2 2024
Number of housing units
600 +
Parking spaces
1 150 +