WOOD Real Estate | We see ESG strategy integration as the key to sustainable and ethically responsible business

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We see ESG strategy integration as the key to sustainable and ethically responsible business

We see ESG strategy integration as the key to sustainable and ethically responsible business

Meeting environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria as an integrated approach to sustainability is becoming an essential part of modern business. At WOOD Real Estate, we also see the growing importance of ESG. We have therefore developed a strategy, which we are further developing as legislation and the EU taxonomy evolve and become more precise. Sustainable business has been a natural part of our daily activities for many years. It enhances our brand credibility and the value of our properties and contributes to a positive perception of our company by business partners, investors, employees and the general public.

Environmental sustainability

A key aspect of WOOD Real Estate's ESG strategy is to reduce its environmental impact. As owners of commercial real estate in the office and retail segments that we manage, lease and value, we are committed to reducing energy consumption in accordance with the CRREM (Carbon Risk Real Estate) model. To do this, we use not only conventional measuring and control systems, but also smart building management systems that optimize energy, DHW, heating, cooling or lighting consumption. We are investing in RES, particularly photovoltaic panels, to support the transition to renewable energy. More than 1,800 panels with a total capacity of more than 850 kWp have already been installed on the roofs of our buildings, and further PV installations are planned.

We pay great attention to reducing water consumption and waste generation, on average by 1.5% per year. For example, we install rainwater harvesting tanks on our buildings, water-saving flushing devices as standard, and perlators on taps, which have a great effect, especially in shopping centres with high footfall. As part of our waste management, we sort and dispose of waste from both office and retail buildings in an environmentally friendly manner and look for opportunities to use bio-waste for subsequent processing in biogas plants.

All of these steps have, among other things, a positive impact on the progressive reduction of our carbon footprint and demonstrate our Group's commitment to decarbonise our portfolio by 33% by 2030 (starting in 2022).

We believe that it is our duty to contribute to the protection of biodiversity, which we try to do, for example, by placing and caring for 15 beehives on the roofs of our buildings.


Social engagement

We want to be a reliable and caring partner. That is why we are actively involved in the communities in which we operate and do business. We are in close contact with our tenants and get valuable feedback from them so that they feel comfortable in our premises. We regularly hold social or sporting events, health days or organise charity projects within our buildings. We strive for transparent communication with the public and stakeholders. We organise corporate events for our employees and activities that lead to financial or material aid for those in need. We believe that all this not only increases employee satisfaction and loyalty, but also strengthens our corporate culture.

Governance and ethical management

In the area of governance at WOOD Real Estate, we fully comply with the EU taxonomy. We adhere to the DNSH (Do No Significant Harm) principles across all our business activities. Our properties belonging to real estate sub-funds support the principles of sustainability. These sub-funds were registered as Light Green at the beginning of 2024. This declares our commitment to investing with a sustainable strategy.

Our experienced management team guarantees not only a quality investment plan, but also the maintenance of high ethical values over the long term and naturally in compliance with EU requirements and regulations. We believe that transparency and integrity in business provide a solid foundation for trust and cooperation with investors and all business partners.

Integrating an ESG strategy into all of our activities at WOOD Real Estate is a natural path to sustainable and ethically responsible business that benefits our stakeholders and ultimately the WOOD & Company investment group itself.

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