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The Millhaus residential building, currently under construction
in the Mlynské nivy locality, is reshaping the perception
and functionality of the area, which is evolving into the primary boulevard of the new city center. Thanks to the Millhaus project, the locality will further solidify its changing character by integrating both business and residential functions. The project will offer 151 residential and apartment units across 19 floors, complemented by retail and multifunctional spaces on the ground floor. Residents will have access to nearly 140 parking spaces spread across two underground levels and in the adjacent BBC5 garage. Additionally, it will feature rest areas within a semi-open courtyard. Millhaus will distinguish itself through its design by Siebert + Talaš—reflecting the architectural style of the surrounding buildings while sensitively enhancing the character
of Mlynské nivy boulevard. The modern, distinctive, yet peaceful character of the building emphasizes its residential function, creating a pleasant living environment. Millhaus is emerging
in a zone slated to become the heart of the envisioned 15-minute city. This concept aims to ensure that residents can reach essential amenities—such as schools, nurseries, shops, services,
or workplaces—within a 15-minute walk or bike ride.
The 15-Minute City concept was officially introduced by the Metropolitan Institute of Bratislava in 2023, with Millhaus being among the first apartment buildings to be constructed under its principles. The project has obtained a legal building permit and is currently in the initial phase of sales. Construction is commencing shortly, with completion scheduled for 2026.

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